If we had to guess, we’d say that your brewery is probably on social media for one main purpose. To get more sales. 

This could mean sales of your cans that are distributed, tasting room sales, or even sales of your merch. But at the end of the day, your brewery is a business and it needs to make money to survive. 

But what if we told you that you’re going about it in the wrong way? 

When we do brand audits, there is one major thing that we see breweries missing the mark on time and time again. They’re putting too much of an emphasis on sales. 

What if we told you that there was a way to make sales without constantly pushing your product on your followers? In fact, this strategy won’t just help you make sales, but it’ll build loyal, repeat customers that come back time and time again. 

This strategy is easy, and best of all, it stays true to your brewery’s brand. All you have to do is start focusing on building your online community. 


Building a community online sounds great in theory, but it can feel like a daunting task when your posts aren’t seeing much engagement. Luckily, community-focused posts are just the thing to change that. 

Community-focused posts are all about the people, not the product. Don’t get us wrong, the product is still there, it just isn’t pushed in the post. Instead, community-focused posts spotlight your staff, talk about your brewery’s brand, and ask customers to give their opinions on different topics. 

They can be as simple as asking your followers what their favorite seasonal brew is, or if they’d like to see your brewery make a watermelon or a blueberry Kolsch next. Or you can have a staff member talk about their favorite beer pairing and ask followers what they would pair that same beer with. 

The main point is that you’re showing your followers that you’re interested in, and care about what they think. These posts ask for engagement. They allow you to interact with your followers’ comments and build a relationship with them online just like you would in your tasting room.


Sales-focused posts have their place on your social media profiles too. You just have to be strategic about them. 

These posts are easy to spot. They use phrases like “stop in today,” “get it before it’s gone,” or “don’t miss out on this.” Essentially, they’re asking your followers to take out their wallets. 

If you spend too much time focusing on sales, you’re in danger of your followers seeing all of your posts as ads. And the truth is, we see thousands of ads every day. We see so many that we’ve trained ourselves to ignore them. 

But if you take some time at the beginning of the month to plan ahead, you can create sales-focused posts that fit between your community-focused posts. This strategy allows your followers to get to know you before you ask them to buy anything. 


Focusing on your community isn’t about making your followers feel good about following you. It builds relationships with your followers so they are primed to make a purchase when you do post about your products. Cue customer loyalty. 

This is a strategy that every brewery needs, but if you’re not sure how to implement it, we can help you.