We love drinking—really. Together, we have clocked in years of taste testing experience.

We’re not in this to party. Drinking craft is our passion, rivaled only by our love for storytelling. We smell, taste, and cheers before we type. But first, we take time to get to know your business, quirky facts and all. Actually, the quirkier the better. Trust us, this is what your readers want.

In a world cluttered with in-your-face advertisements, your followers don’t want another flyer. They want to get to know you. We can share your message in the most authentic way possible. Let us help you translate your passion into engaging content that resonates with your readers. Intrigued? Let’s meet the team.





The only thing Amy loves more than a well-balanced Amber Ale is a well told story. It’s part of the reason why she traveled to London, UK to earn her master’s degree in International Journalism, where she focused, of course, on Britain’s Beer Industry.

When she returned to the US, Amy traded in her CAMRA card for a Brewer’s Association Login and established a Pink Boots Society chapter in Buffalo.

Amy hardly ever takes her beer geek hat off. When she’s not crafting content strategies for clients, you’ll find her doing field research – flights anyone? – or writing beer stories that can be found in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Buffalo News, and on CraftBeer.com.

Ready to give your brewery a boost? Email her at amy@contentondraft.com to schedule a consultation.




Morgan’s love of letters started at a very young age, 5 to be exact, when she was named the super storywriter of her Kindergarten class. While her love of liquor started a little later in life, today her career is driven by her passion for creating rich brand stories for clients.

Crafting a cocktail is much like crafting a story. Both start with a thoughtful vision, include flavorful details and require proper presentation. Morgan’s knack for storytelling and knowledge of cider, wine, and spirits paired with her social media expertise will get your company noticed by all the right people.

Her guides to drinking and eating locally are published by Step Out Buffalo and her marketing tips can be found on Step Out Buffalo for Business.

If you own a winery, cidery, or distillery, she can help you craft your story and share it with the world. Email her at morgan@contentondraft.com to learn more.