Do you want to convert more of your social media followers into taproom customers? Well, we have a system for that and it’s called our Crafted Conversions System™.

The first step in our proven process is a Social Media Brand Audit. 


When it comes to your brewery’s social media, it can be tricky to tell exactly what’s working and what isn’t. Simply looking at your social media insights won’t tell you this. Analysis is key, and that’s exactly where an audit comes in. 

This in-depth analysis of your social media presence will pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in your current social media marketing strategy. If you want to know exactly where you’re missing the mark, this is for you.

Every brewery has different goals. That’s why every audit begins with a questionnaire. We take the time to learn all about your short-term and long-term goals for your brewery because this guides us through the auditing process.  

At the end of a Social Media Brand Audit, we give you a set action plan with the steps we recommend taking to help you achieve your goals.


If you want to maximize the power of social media, auditing is the first step. Many breweries make the mistake of hiring a marketing company to take over day-to-day social media management without taking the time to analyze their current strategy. 

Auditing tells you exactly what is moving you toward your goals and what isn’t. Skipping this step is a missed opportunity because you could be going in the wrong direction and not know it. 

You can audit your Facebook and Instagram accounts yourself, but when you hire experts, like us, you get our unbiased perspective. We give you the cold hard facts, and we back them up with data. 

If you want to know what’s working and what’s not your current social media marketing strategy, an audit can most definitely benefit your brewery. 

social media audit


If you want to increase buzz about your brewery, social media is a must. But simply posting isn’t enough when it comes to increasing your bottom line.  

Everyone’s essentially back at “day one” this summer, and this means you’ll constantly be competing for people’s attention.

If you want to attract your ideal customers and get them to visit your taproom again and again, you need a strategy. An audit builds the foundation for this strategy. 

Once you have one, you can continue to build excitement all summer long, reach more customers, and increase your taproom sales. This social media strategy is key to setting your brewery up for a successful summer. 


Taking a deep dive into your social media data takes time. Your time is a precious commodity, so instead of researching how to do an audit and conducting one yourself, ask the experts. Yes, that’s us! 

If you’re ready to set your brewery ready for a profitable summer, schedule a consultation call with us to learn more about how a social media audit can benefit your bottom line.