Friends, it’s official. Patio season is finally here. Buffalo loves patio season. You already have an amazing outdoor space and it’s open. So you’re all set, right? 


In Buffalo, we are super lucky. There are so many beautiful outdoor spaces. But this is exactly why you need to share what makes your space so special.

What we are saying is patio season is also a major promotion season. Aka it’s time to step up your game, and we can help.  


If you have an outdoor space, ask yourself if you are maximizing the potential of this space. Most businesses aren’t. Having a patio can give you a competitive advantage and boost your revenue significantly, but only if you market it right.

Social is one of the best ways to spread the word about your beautiful outdoor space. Skip the flyer. When it comes to social media, sharing a flyer is not the move. Posting a photo is the better option in almost every scenario. Not kidding. People don’t just need to know that your patio is open, they need to be able to picture themselves in your space. Take a photo when the sun is shining, and people are outside. If you want to get a good pic before you’re open, you can stage one, too! When locals see other people drinking on the patio, they’ll want to join in on the fun. 


Instagram is currently the most engaged with social media platform in the world. This means people aren’t just on Instagram, they are regularly liking photos, commenting, and interacting with each other on Instagram. Because of this, Instagram is one of the most powerful marketing tools for businesses. Read endless opportunities.

Instagram Stories, specifically, drive engagement. Millions of people around the world share and watch Instagram Stories So yes, we are saying Instagram needs to be a major part of your marketing strategy. People love drinking on patios, so patio season is the prime time to make Instagram a priority and soon enough you’ll be boosting your revenue, too.

P.S. We recommend posting to social as often as possible aka every day. Posting on a daily basis can make a real difference. Make your life easier by hiring pros, like us.


Successfully marketing an event in the summer is harder than it sounds. Summer is a busy time of year for businesses AND customers. People have weddings to go to, vacations to plan, and family gatherings to attend. Since events are happening all the time, you need to let people know why your event is a must-attend. If you already have an event calendar, you’re on the right track. The next step? Create a solid marketing strategy for the events you are hosting this summer.

We recommend focusing on one event at a time. Create a timeline for how you’ll promote your event a month before, a couple weeks before, a few days before, during the event, and even after it’s over. And always plan ahead. Planning ahead pays off, here’s 3 of our #protips.


A super salesy approach isn’t as effective anymore. Influencer marketing are where it’s at right. And guess what? Everyone wants to be an influencer. Really though, think about it. People are constantly sharing what they are eating and drinking on social media. As a business owner, you can use this to your advantage. By identifying the right influencers, you can reach more people organically.

Have you ever seen someone’s #instabeer and thought “I need to try that one”? We do. All the time. When the guys from What the Hops Podcast post a new episode, we want to try the beers they are drinking. Because we follow them, and we like them. When we read the next Buffalo Beer Buzz write-up on Step Out Buffalo, we’re going to check those events and places out first. Because we trust these sources when it comes to beverages.

This is how the craft beverage community works. Trust us, our friends are craft beverage lovers too and we work with craft beverage pros on a daily basis. We know how your customers think.   

The next step is getting these industry influencers and craft beverage lovers into your establishment. From here, you want them to share their experiences on social. That’s where our expertise comes in. BTWs we currently have a few ideas brewing for our current clients. Aka we actually know what we are doing.


All of this takes time, and we know that business owners are busy people. But if you want your business to stay busy (aka get more customers), then you have to put energy into your marketing strategy. This is even more important during the summer when EVERYONE is pulling out their A-game to win over the summertime crowd. Don’t stress. Let us take the lead here, so you can focus on the day-to-day.