Ok, we get it. You’re a business owner and you have somewhere between a bajillion and a bajillion and five things on your plate. You’re ordering new inventory, overseeing menu creation, and working on payroll. It’s hard to post on social media every day.

Maybe you just don’t have time to stop and take a picture for Instagram or post about your next event on Facebook. Maybe you want to, but you think about it at all the wrong times like when there’s bad lighting or it’s 3 a.m. and everyone but you is asleep.

But if you are a B2C company, and you’re not making social media a priority, you’re missing out on major opportunities.


Seriously, 79% of adults in the US who use the internet are on Facebook. Even though Instagram doesn’t have quite as many users, it’s a growing platform.

You do have a Facebook page and an Instagram page, so you’re fine, right? Not quite. Studies show that you should post to Facebook at least one time per day and to Instagram one to two times per day for optimal engagement.

Adults from the age of 25-44 spend an average of over two hours on social media per day. So if you aren’t posting daily, they’re going to be looking at someone else’s content instead.

The competition is fierce in the beverage community. So people need to be reminded about how great your brand is, how cool the vibe of the tasting room is, and how creative and delicious your drinks are. Put your business in front of them! Don’t let them think of your competition first.


Part of this is obvious. If you post daily, then your audience will have daily opportunities to interact with your posts. The more interaction each post gets, the higher it’ll rank in people’s feeds. That means that people see your content sooner, and will have a chance to interact with it before they’re bored of scrolling and switch to another account.

Posting daily will also give your audience more chances to share your posts or tag friends, which will help to grow your audience even more.

Now, and here’s the big thing, posting daily builds up all of this hype so you don’t have to work as hard to get people’s attention when you have an event or a product to sell. All you have to do is post your picture, or the link to your event and you already have an audience who is excited to like it, share it, or go see it.

If you choose to post sporadically, or only when you’re trying to sell something, you’re going to have to work harder to get people’s attention, instead of being a normal part of their time on social.


We stand by everything that we said, but it only works if you’re paying attention to the quality of your posts. If you post every day, but the picture or message is basically the same thing, it’s not going to engage your audience. That also goes for pictures that aren’t framed attractively or are too busy.

That doesn’t mean that you need to hire a professional photographer for every post. High quality content doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be thoughtful. Remember, people are following you for a reason, they want to know about your business. That means, that consistently putting out posts that get their attention will lead to sales. And anything that’s good for your bottom line deserves your attention.

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