If you’ve ever found yourself sitting in front of your laptop or phone screen thinking “dang, I should have posted x, y, or z,” you wouldn’t be alone. Planning takes time, especially when you already have a long to-do list. Taking a couple hours to plan out your content seems like a tomorrow problem.

Until tomorrow never comes. And you you’re once again kicking yourself for forgetting about a relevant holiday, or never taking pictures from an annual event, or just not having a single clue of what to post to keep your followers engaged. 

Then, while you’re staring at your blank screen again and again, racking your mind for a piece of good content that you hopefully have laying around somewhere, you end up losing more time than if you would have planned it all out in the first place. 

We’re not speaking from experience or anything…

Yeah, we’ve been there and frankly it sucks. Especially when you have no clue what to post, but have three meetings and two other projects that you need to work on.

So here are 3 things to help you stay on top of your marketing. 


This might seem silly and a little redundant, but if you’re the type of person who never seems to have time to set aside to lay out your content plan, put it in your calendar. Call it an appointment with yourself and stick to it in the same way you’d stick to an appointment with anyone else. 

If you’re trying to decide when to have this planning session, we suggest staying about a month ahead. So if you need to plan for May, schedule in time during the last week of April. Don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure of what to do yet, though. Just make sure you get the big stuff like holidays and marketing for events. Little day-to-day things can be filled in later.

Pro tip: Create a content library aka  a stash of day-to-day pictures and other content that you can use when you’re drawing a complete blank on what to post.


Advertising for seasonal specials or annual events is way easier when you have good pictures to do it with, and it’s definitely a plus when they’re pictures that your followers haven’t seen a thousand times before. 

Sometimes that means you have to plan ahead. Really far ahead. Because you might want to advertise your new patio that’s about to open for the spring, but if the weather in Buffalo continues to stay cold and a little dreary, you’re not going to be able to get good picture of what it will look like when the weather finally turns. 

The same thing goes for annual events. You want people to show up to that special event that you put on each year, and what better way to let them know how much fun it is than to actually show them? 

Pro tip: Take more pictures than you think you need, and save some just for the next year’s marketing so you’re not using the same two pictures over and over. 


You spent so much time coming up with your plan. Now you need to put it into action. There is no better way of remembering to do this than putting it right in front of you. 

If you’re a pen and paper kind of person, that means writing your plan  on your desk calendar or in your planner. Don’t have either of those? Print out a blank calendar for the month, fill it in and hang it by your workspace. That way you can keep an eye on things you have coming up and make note of the blanks that you still have to fill.

If you prefer to keep your plan digital, use Google Calendar to create a marketing calendar that’s on your phone and with you everywhere you go. The most important thing is finding a method that works for you and sticking to it. 


If this still seems like a lot to do with everything else you have going on, that’s ok! Let us know, and we can help you out, or completely take it off your plate.