Social media has forever changed the beverage business. It’s a fact. 

Drink choices are socially influenced. Today’s consumer looks to Instagram and Facebook for recommendations from industry influencers and updates from the brands they follow. Thus, social media matters for craft beverage brands. 

Creating A+ Instagram content is challenging but important because millions of consumers use this platform every single day. So yes, your target audience is on Instagram. 

Reaching your demographic is easier said than done. You need to speak their language and focus on creating content they will find valuable. Every post should have a purpose. 

As you’re brainstorming, remember creative block happens to the best of us. Luckily, inspiration is everywhere. 

Here are 3 craft beverage brands to follow for your daily dose of Instagram inspo. P.S. You can take these concepts and start applying them to your marketing strategy. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Photo by Mortalis Brewing Company


When this brewery releases a new beer, excitement spreads. And it spreads quickly. People line up for new releases, and some even travel from neighboring cities and states for a crowler. True story. 

Mortalis Brewing is known for experimenting with exotic flavors and different brewing styles. Yes, the off-the-wall ingredients used to create their beers, like the Everything Bagel DIPA or Cannoli Milk Stout, get people’s attention. But their solid marketing strategy is what makes them successful. 

Why it Works: The recipe here is simple: flavor-forward photos + very descriptive captions. You can easily imagine what a specific beer tastes like just from the photo. The caption tells the rest of the story, and the “limited release” factor creates a sense of urgency. 

Photo by Graft Cider


Confession time. We do sometimes choose our beverages by the cans. The reality is, can art matters, especially in the Instaworld. People are more likely to ‘gram Instaworthy cans. These cans have the need-to-collect look, too.

But it’s about more than the cans. It’s about overall branding. Graft makes sour cider. That’s not the norm for a cider brand, so a bold and different design makes sense for them. 

Why it Works: Graft cans are bold and colorful. Their Insta feed follows suit. By creating a cohesive look, their brand is more memorable. But really, when a bright blue can with an octopus shows up in your feed, you stop and stare. Their feed is full of bright colors, which matches the brand’s overall vibe.

Photo by 1911


The 1911 brand is always on-trend. One look at their feed and it’s clear, it’s summertime and the living is easy. As simple as it sounds, changing your Insta feed to reflect the current season makes a big difference.

Outside photoshoots are a must in the summertime. People need to be able to picture themselves drinking your beverage on a hot summer day.  

Why it Works: When you’re promoting tropical beverages, your posts should feel tropical too. 1911 accomplishes this by adding pineapples, beach waves, and bright pops of color to their posts. This instantly creates a vibe, a summertime vibe.


Think like a consumer. Make a list of the beverage brands you love following on Instagram. Save your favorite posts from them and write down what made you stop scrolling. The next step? Apply these thumb-stopping traits to your own social strategy.  

TLDR; create excitement, be different, and stay relevant.