Organic reach has been declining for years, which makes it harder and harder to get your brewery’s social media content seen. 

The average organic reach on Facebook and Instagram is really low (between 5 and 10% or less per post) and that’s exactly why paid social media is becoming more popular again. 

When it comes to social media, we recommend having a strategy for both organic and paid social because they work better together. 


Organic social is the foundation to any successful social media strategy, and that’s why we recommend mastering organic content first. Sharing organic content is the best way to highlight your brand’s personality, create connections, and build relationships online. 

As you create organic content, use a system for testing post performance to help you determine what’s working and what’s not. 

That being said, the major downside with organic social is only a small percentage of your followers will see your organic posts. That’s exactly where paid social media comes in. 


Paid social involves paying money to Facebook or Instagram in order to have your brewery’s content shared with new people. Specifically, it can help you target and reach more of your ideal customers. 

Paid social can be particularly helpful when promoting deals, events, and e-commerce sales, but it also helps with overall brand awareness. 

Ads aren’t always the answer on social media. You really only want to pay for ads when they can help you reach your brewery’s marketing goals. Your organic social media strategy will help you figure out what your target audience cares about.

From here, you can either boost your organic content or create brand-new advertisements.


Start small. Before you boost, take the time to look at your social media insights and identify your top-performing posts of the month on each platform you plan to advertise on. 

Your brewery’s top-performing posts are the ones you’ll want to boost first because your target audience has already expressed interest in these types of posts. You’re simply paying Facebook or Instagram to show engaging content to more of your ideal customers.


The other option you have is creating ads from scratch. From image ads to video ads to carousel ads and everything in-between, different types of ads work better for different objectives. So do your research to determine what types of ads make the most sense for your goals. 

Successfully advertising on social media depends on various factors. Before you spend your entire ad budget, do some testing. Test one variable at a time to learn what is helping you reach your goals. 

By testing different elements such as visuals, caption, call-to-action, or format, you’ll learn what’s working and what’s not before you invest too much money. 


If you want your ad budget to go further, you need to be strategic. As you select posts to boost or build ads, make sure to set specific goals and expectations, limit the duration of the ad, and focus on targeting people who are similar to your organic audience. 

And remember, organic and paid social media work better together. 


When you’re promoting a major event, create a promotional plan that starts before the event in order to increase interest and excitement. 

Take one of our clients for example. They host a quarterly seasonal event. In order to promote it, they followed our Event Promotion Strategy outlined in their Social Media Style Guide

This included creating a Facebook event and following a set plan to post organically on Facebook and Instagram leading up to the event. 

Their ad budget was set at $50 over 23 days. The results? Over 10,000 people saw the ad, nearly 500 people responded to the event, and it resulted in an average sales percentage increase of 3,560% when compared to the previous three Saturdays.


Organic and paid social media work best together, but mastering both takes time. You can do-it-yourself or you can ask an expert.

We can audit your Facebook and Instagram accounts and create a customized organic and paid social media strategy that’s designed to convert more of your followers into taproom customers. 

Email us to learn how our Crafted Conversions System can benefit your brewery’s bottom line.