A lot of breweries have a lot of questions about ads. How much should we spend on ads each month? Which posts do we boost? How often should we run ads?

Before answering any questions about advertising, we need to talk about organic content. Here’s why. 

Any question about ads is out of sequence. If you spend money promoting posts your audience doesn’t care about, you are throwing money in the trash. 

Think of it this way, if you put a pint in front of someone and they don’t like it, it doesn’t matter how much money you spent making the beer, they aren’t going to drink it.

So before you start putting money into advertising, you need to master your organic content.


Organic social media is any post you share on your profiles without paying to promote it. Paid social media is any post influenced by advertising dollars spent. This includes boosted posts, ads optimized for clicks, lead generation forms, video ads, etc

When social media was brand-new, brands only posted organically and this content would naturally show up in people’s feeds. 

As social networks continue to grow, there’s more competition. As brands started looking for ways to stand out, paid advertising became more popular. 

Some people believe organic content is dead because of the almighty algorithms. This is fake news.


Investing in paid ads may seem like an easy solution. But it shouldn’t be your first instinct. There’s a time and place for advertising, but we recommend mastering organic first. 

Boosting bad content won’t make it any better. Sure, more people may see your posts, but if they aren’t interested in what you’re sharing, they’ll still scroll on to the next.


The goal? To get your followers will engage with and share your organic content without spending any money on advertising dollars. 

Testing is an important piece of the puzzle. This will tell you more about what your followers like to engage with. 

Data is a powerful tool in social media marketing, but a lot of breweries make the mistake of underestimating the power of data. Analyzing your data and adjusting your social media strategy accordingly is one of the best ways to your followers more of what they want to see. 

When you know what’s working, you can more effectively spend your advertising dollars. Putting your money behind content that performs well organically is a smarter move. 

Once you master organic, then it’s time to move onto paid ads. Because organic and paid advertising work better together. When you have a solid plan that involves both, you’ll start seeing success.

Creating a strategic plan can be challenging. But that’s our specialty, so if you need help with your posting strategy, send us a message.