More changes are on tap for the craft beer scene. 

Taprooms across the country are starting to reopen to the public. 

For some this means opening for outdoor dining only, and for others it means opening at partial capacity. The new guidelines vary from place to place, so make sure to read up on the local, state, and federal regulations and recommendations. 

The Brewers Association created a resource for safely reopening. One of the key steps is creating a safety plan. This is an essential step. In fact, it’s required. Taking the time to create a marketing plan for your reopening is super important too. And here’s why. 


Reopening will be a shift to yet another new normal, so you need to establish clear expectations for your staff and your customers. Once you create these, create physical signage to display in multiple places, including all entrances, exits, and seating areas. Also make sure to post these guidelines on your website and social media. 

You might feel like a broken record throughout the reopening process. Customers are going to be confused, forgetful, and maybe even a little rebellious. Aka they will need friendly reminders from you. 

Be prepared to adjust and update your guidelines as the circumstances change. When changes happen, make sure to update them on all of your platforms.


Making assumptions won’t serve you well during this transition time. 

Your staff wants to feel heard. After all, they are the ones who will be enforcing the new rules and regulations. Get their input before you create your reopening guidelines. Then, train them, and check in regularly to make adjustments, as needed. 

Your customers also want to feel heard. We recommend creating an online survey to ask them about their expectations. This feedback will help you make the right adjustments so your customers feel more comfortable.


When you reopen, your to-do list will get longer. But make sure you continue to make social media a priority. 

Some of your customers won’t feel comfortable visiting your taproom immediately, so don’t neglect them. Plus, if you stop communicating with and engaging your online audience, you’ll lose the progress you’ve made. Think of how your engagement has increased since the pandemic started, and how your following has grown. Don’t stop posting now and lose this momentum.

As you create your social media calendar, create content for your on-premise customers as well as your off-premise ones. If you’re continuing curbside pickup and delivery this is especially important. If you’re open for on-premise sales, customers may not know that you still do takeout and delivery unless you tell them. Remember, it may feel repetitive, but communication is key in this transition period. 

And that communication should extend to all of the platforms you’re on. Be sure to update your hours across all active platforms, including Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, and your website.


Getting ready to reopen is not a small task. Having a solid strategy for marketing your reopening will give you a competitive advantage.

If you’re focused on the day to day, having someone that’s dedicated to your marketing strategy just makes sense. That’s where we come in. When you team up with us, we set you up with a detailed plan. 

If you need help coming up with a plan that will set you up for success, join our free Facebook Group.