We’ll come right out and say it. Good imagery isn’t an option when it comes to getting your brand noticed. And this is coming from two word nerds. 

Take the feature photo from this post for example. We’d love to take credit for this amazing picture, but really it was Michelle Godfrey from Michelle Godfrey Studio doing what she does best. It’s an amazing picture, and we bet that it did it’s job of grabbing your attention. 

 See, good imagery starts with choosing a memorable logo and carries through to day-to-day activities like posting on social media, sending email newsletters, and creating ads. So while having a good logo is a solid start, if you’re constantly posting pictures of poorly-lit, half empty cocktails with a random customer’s head in the background, people aren’t going to pay attention.

Ok, we’ll admit, that was an extreme example, but if you’re not paying attention to how you’re framing your picture, what the focus is, if it’s too busy, or whether it’s backlit, then you’re not doing your brand justice. 


What if we told you that people only remember 10% of information three days after they hear it, but adding pictures helps to increase that recall to 65%? 

So if you want someone to remember something, you really gotta add a picture.

And on top of that, you need to make sure the picture itself is worth paying attention to. Because we live in a world where there are roughly a billion things all vying for our attention at once. So with all of that content out there, we’re not going to bother spending time looking at bad photos.

The thing is, 85% of adults consume content on multiple devices at the same time.

That means that while they’re scrolling past you’re latest Instagram post, they’re probably also shopping online, watching tv, or playing a game. Reality is their attention isn’t solely focused on you, so you have to put something out there that makes them look twice.

Don’t worry though. When you do have a good picture, it will get noticed, and people will want to interact with it by  commenting, liking, or sharing. This will give your brand a boost.

In fact, on Facebook, posts with images get an average of 2.3 times more engagement than text posts. Think about it. You’re in the beverage business. People want to see your beverages before they commit to coming. The goal? Make your followers thirsty.


If you’re not using quality pictures in your posts, it’s time to start. Photography is tricky, especially beverage photography. So if you’re struggling to take high-quality shots, don’t drive yourself insane. Ask for help! We do this all day every day. We got you! Send us an email and we can help.