We love beverages. Like a lot.

We will be the first to admit, we spend too much time in bars. We spend too much time in coffee shops. Aka we drink our fair share of alcoholic and caffeinated drinks. So, when an establishment decides to offer both, we take notice.

Cafes serving alcohol is not a new thing. Europeans have been doing it for years (because of course they have), and even bigger cities in the United States have too. However, cafes in Buffalo serving alcohol is more recently gaining popularity, and it’s a trend we’re super into.

And yes, this blog is a love letter documenting our obsession with coffee and booze. Don’t judge us! But it’s also a blog about marketing because that’s our thing.

Anyways, here’s 3 places in Buffalo who are slaying in the coffee + alcohol scene. We appreciate you! We really, really do.


Hertel Avenue now has a taste of the coffee bar scene thanks to Roots Coffee + Tea. They opened in the summer of 2018 and introduced beer and wine to their menu this February. They’ve quickly become a place that beautifully transitions from workspace to happy hour spot. So naturally, we’re fans. And they get bonus points for also having local kombucha.

The Marketing Takeaway: People love promotions. So promote them. This seems simple enough. But in all honesty, a lot of places are a little too hush hush about their specials. This is a missed opportunity as far as we’re concerned. Take a page from this cafe’s book, and start telling people about your specials. And do it often. Insta is the perfect place to talk them up. P.S. Make your promotions pretty. Flyers are not cute. Portrait-mode photos are cute.

Why it Works: People need friendly reminders. Sure, your website says you have happy hour specials. And yes, this is important. But if you don’t remind people, they forget. The beauty of social is you can remind people and it’s not annoying. In fact, it’s helpful. If you’re posting regularly like Roots does, people will think of you the next time they need a spot to grab a beverage.

Photo by Hydraulic Hearth


Our obsession with this local cafe started circa 2017 aka when they opened. But really, this place has been swoon-worthy since day one. Back in the beginning, they were focused on coffee. Now, this all day cafe offers booze, too. You can order a glass of wine, beer, craft cocktail, or all of the above. Oh and also, the amaro selection is out of control in the best way possible. So regardless of how you booze, you have options.

The Marketing Takeaway: Scroll through Remedy House’s Instagram feed. Seriously, go do it. Beautiful, right? They truly have perfect the art of creating FOMO in their feed and they regularly post to Insta Stories with updates on what’s new.

Why it Works: This addition of alcohol seriously separates them from the average coffee shop because they can transition from dawn to dusk so seamlessly. This is a factor of differentiation. But more importantly, they are marketing it in all the right ways. When you see their Insta feed it makes you want to eat and drink here. Scrolling through without getting hungry and thirsty is challenging, and the ambiance is always inviting. Here’s a little proof it’s working. Remedy House is getting national media attention from places like Bon Appétit. NBD. Actually, it is a big deal. Like a B.F.D.

Photo by Perks


The latest Perks location kicked off the new year with a brand-new liquor license. This is booze news we were personally really excited about. This space was honestly set up to be both in our opinion. You can sit at the bar for a drink, grab a table for a study/work sesh, or hop back and forth. Talk about doing multi-purpose so right.

The Marketing Takeaway: When it comes to boozy beverages, this place loves to post bottles and cans. And we love to see what’s behind the bar for the week. Props to Perks for keeping your followers updated. Followers love that (us included). We also appreciate how they are highlighting local beer and cider. Because we always #supportlocal first. Obvi.

Why it Works: Buffalo loves its local beverages, and Perks is making the most of this #supportlocal mentality. When you stop in, you might see options from your favorite local breweries, such as Community Beer Works, Big Ditch Brewing, or Blackbird Ciderworks. Perks does a stellar job of keeping up on Insta, so take a look before you stop in for a quick preview of what’s in stock.


Do you notice a common theme here? An outstanding social media presence. As the beverage scene continues to grow, so does the competition. Our advice? Make standing out on social a priority sooner rather than later, and ask for help if you need it!