Staying motivated is challenging. Especially as business owners. Especially as women. Especially as women in this industry.

Because let’s face it, working in the craft beverage industry is fun until all of your friends are at happy hour and you’re grinding away. Sometimes you need a friendly reminder from your fellow boss babes. You are chasing your dreams and you are not alone.

Buffalo Boss Babes’s mission is to inspire and empower the creative women of Buffalo. As women business owners ourselves, we truly value our connection to the local boss babe community.

So this one’s for you, boss babes.


The most recent event (Buffalo Boss Babes Speaker Series: Empower) welcomed a panel of women business owners. Each had a story to tell. A different story. But each shared a similar message of empowerment.

Photo by DeaLea Photography 



“If you don’t work to make your dreams come true, you’re working to make someone else’s come true.” -Kayla

Waking up to work for someone else isn’t for everyone. Quitting a day job to start a business also isn’t for everyone. Regardless of the path you choose, follow it and follow it passionately. If you choose the start-your-own-business route, keep reading. If you’ve thought about starting your own business but haven’t yet, keep reading for a little advice from women who have been there.


“Opinions don’t pay your bills.” -Kayla

“For every one person that says something negative, there are 100 people rooting for you.” -Sarah

Positive feedback is powerful. Unfortunately, there’s a fair share of negative feedback out there, too. Especially when it comes to the world of online reviews. People are much more inclined to write negative reviews. It’s a fact. Keep this in mind, and focus on your fans instead.

Having a tribe of friends, family, and customers who support you can make a world of difference. Shifting your focus to the positives will propel your forward! Speaking of the positives, remember to celebrate your wins. Big or small, celebrate them now. There are people are rooting for you to succeed, so don’t forget to root for you too.


“Keep the reason why you started at the forefront of your mind.” -Carrie

Your why is a powerful motivator. Your why is uniquely yours. You started your business for a reason. Think about your reason, and remember it the next time you feel like giving up. You’ll want to give up. But don’t. Starting your own business is no small feat, but there’s a reason you’re a boss, so never forget it.


“Self care is not selfish.” -Kayla

Don’t forget about self-care. Everyone needs it. And everyone deserves it. Even though it may seem impossible to find the time to fit “you” time into your crazy schedule, it’s necessary. Trust us. We are speaking from experience. And remember, self-care is different for everyone.

Find something you love and add it to your to-do list. Whether it’s reading a book, taking a yoga class, or ordering a flight at a new brewery, make it about what you want to do. And most importantly, leave your business pitch at home. Because yes, endorphins are your friends. And yes, you need a break from being in business mode.


“There’s a space for everyone. Find that thing that makes you different and unique and find the people that make you feel empowered.”-Carrie

“You can find your tribe in your industry.” -Heather

As you build your brand, keep the #supportlocal mentality in mind. Sure, competition is out there. But, support is too. Think about it. The craft beverage community loves to collab. Take Bootleg Bucha for example. She personally looks to other brewers for inspo and she’s always happy to help an aspiring brewer in need. Take the time to connect with people in your industry and grow together. Your biggest fans might work at the brewery down the street. Hence, you can 100% find your tribe in your industry.


“Focus on your strengths and hire someone for your weaknesses.” -Kayla

Starting your own business doesn’t mean you are completely on your own. Everyone has strengths. Everyone has weaknesses. Overcoming your weaknesses and maximizing your strengths starts with accepting them. Running a successful business comes with a long list of responsibilities. If you’re struggling in a specific area, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Outsourcing isn’t the enemy. In fact, it’s an asset. Because a smart investment in your business is an smart investment in yourself. But seriously, if you’re not great with numbers, call an accountant. If you coding makes you crazy, hire a web designer. And if you hate anything and everything social media related, enlist an expert. Wink. Wink. Really though, your time is valuable, so spend it wisely.


“We can all be successful in our own ways and support each other.” -Julia

Buffalonians want other Buffalonians to succeed. We really really do. The panel unanimously agreed that as Buffalonians, we genuinely love our city and we want the city to succeed. This success starts with supporting our small businesses. Luckily, the community has grown to choose local first, and that’s an incredible accomplishment and it’s played an important role in the success stories of so many local companies.

So remember to support your neighbors and they’ll support you, too. But seriously, take a minute to think of a business you absolutely love. Then take another minute to write a review on Yelp, share their page on Facebook, or comment on their latest Instagram post. Word of mouth is powerful, so share the love.


Buffalo Boss Babes brings people together. Attending an event like this one might just inspire you to take a leap of faith and follow your dreams. Or maybe it’ll remind you why you started your own business in the first place. Maybe you’ll make new business connections. Maybe you’ll meet your new best friend.

In any of these scenarios, you’ll walk away feeling like a boss babe.