The summer solstice is only hours away, and that means social media is especially hot in the summer. Aka don’t take an extended vacay from marketing. Rather, step up your game for the season.

When the season changes, your social media strategy should change too. Follow these tips to get your social media ready for sweet sweet summertime.


New season, new you. The visual tone of your profiles should match the current season. Information should be updated regularly, so people know when and where they can see you this summer. Here are a couple of quick questions to help get you started.

  • Are your summer hours listed on Google My Business?
  • Is your latest food and drink menu available on your website?
  • Is your Facebook cover photo summer-y?
  • Do you have any outdoor photos on your Instagram feed?  
  • Are your upcoming events on your Facebook page?

Take Community Beer Works for example. They frequently update their Instagram Highlights. Look and you’ll see the Food, Beer, and Events sections were updated just 5 days ago. Having current information about what’s on tap is helpful and valuable to your customers.


Just like writer’s block, social media block is very real. Remember to think fun first. Really, keeping content fun and shareable in the summertime is 100% the move.

As you’re creating your social media content calendar for the month (hint, hint, you should be doing this), don’t forget about holidays and not just the major ones. Fourth of July and Labor Day are a given, but let’s talk national drinking holidays.

  • 6/19: Martini Day
  • 6/30: Mai Tai Day
  • 7/10: Piña Colada Day
  • 7/11: Mojito Day
  • 7/19:  Daiquiri Day
  • 7/24: Tequila Day
  • 7/27: Scotch Day
  • 8/2: International Beer Day
  • 8/16: Rum Day
  • 8/18: Pinot Noir Day
  • 8/25: Whiskey Sour Day

Lockhouse Distillery did this for National Gin Day earlier this month. They even included a call-to-action, asking followers to respond with their favorite gin. This type of post encourages engagement and gets people thinking about the four different gins they have in stock.


User-generated content is an underutilized resource that’s readily available and completely free. Instead of re-sharing every single post you’re tagged in, create your own branded hashtag like #thinknydrinkny or #hashtagstepoutbuffalo. This way, there’s one unified place where you can look for shared content.

P.S. Make sure to add your branded hashtag to your profile and spread the word. Hosting a photo contest is one fun and effective way to encourage people to start using your hashtag.


People love a seasonal something to sip on. Frozen cocktails, shandies, and rosé are obviously seasonal, but any beverage can be seasonal, if you brand it right. Get creative. If you have a new drink you want to feature, add a seasonal garnish or give it a summer-y name.

Take kombucha for example. Barrel + Brine branded their strawberry and lemon kombucha as Summer in Glass. This is smart marketing. If customers are looking for a seasonal beverage, they are more likely to reach for a beverage that’s branded for the season. Remember to promote your branded beverages on social.


Summer is construction season for a lot of businesses. Just because your taproom isn’t open yet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on prime promotion season. If your business is opening for the very first time or expanding, share your progress shots. When followers become invested in your company’s journey, you gain loyal customers.

Look to Britesmith Brewing for a solid example. They’ve been documenting their progress and branding it as #brewingsoon. By piquing interest now, they are creating excitement before they even open their doors. 


Summer is a busy time of year. We get it. You’re already trying to balance managing your business and attending your family BBQ. Finding time to create a social media calendar might sound silly. It’s not. In fact, planning ahead will give you more time to enjoy the beautiful weather because you won’t be scrambling to create last-minute posts. We’re here to help. Send us an email to set up a free consultation, and we will get you on the right track!