There’s something special about going to a conference where the 9 a.m. keynote speech begins with the question, “Does everyone have their beer?”

There’s something even more special about cracking open that beer and realizing that it is specifically branded for that conference. It was special, but not too surprising. We were at the New York State Craft Brewers Conference after all.

A good can of beer isn’t the only thing we took away from the conference. We also came away with the reaffirmation that our marketing techniques really are best practice. Haven’t read all of our blogs yet? No worries. Here are 5 best practices that you should implement today.


If you want to stand out, you need to have a cohesive brand. There’s really no way around it. And building a brand is more than just having nice artwork for your cans. It’s also developing a consistent voice that you carry throughout your website, social media, emails, and press releases.

Take some time to sit down and figure out what you want your brand to be. Your brand should be a reflection of who you are as a business, not a carbon copy of a company that you like. Watch what they’re doing, but make it your own! It’s the only way you’ll stand out in this competitive market.

Source: Content Marketing Institute


Is my investment paying off? That’s a question business owners need to ask themselves again and again. You can determine your content marketing ROI by planning ahead, setting specific goals, and choosing a few meaningful metrics to track.

Key metrics include lead quality, sales, web traffic, onsite engagement, social media engagement, SEO success, and exposure and authority. And every one of these can be measured. And remember, immediate revenue isn’t everything. The impact of a successful content marketing strategy can extend far beyond initial sales. As content marketing efforts compound over time, you begin building customer loyalty. And remember, return customers are the most valuable customers aka retention is the real end goal.


Ads are everywhere. Consumers are over ads. In fact, people are turning off ads and opting out. Instead, consumers are looking for content that will inform and entertain them. That’s where content marketing comes in. Content marketing is designed to engage your audience instead of always advertising to them.

As soon as your brand becomes source of useful information, you won’t have to chase customers because they’ll start coming to you. We have the #drinkcraft culture to thank for this. People prefer stories over traditional advertisements. So tell them about the story behind your brewery and the beer you brew instead.


Consistency is key when it comes to email marketing. If you have an email list, use it. If not, get one and then use it. Pick a day that you’re going to send out emails and stick to it. Monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly depends on how much information you have to send out and what the data is telling you that your subscribers want.

Staying consistent with email newsletters allows people to look forward to them. Staying consistent with your brand builds an audience with people who identify with your brand and love your product.


Developing your brand takes time and thought. So does marketing that brand. Don’t expect everything to fall into place overnight. Don’t even expect it to be perfect in the first month. It’s a long-term process, but stick with it and you’ll be glad you did, we promise.

While you’re developing your brand and marketing strategy, make sure you continuously listen to what your audience likes and doesn’t like and adjust accordingly. Not sure what they want? Keep and eye on the data. Not sure how to find or read the data? Email us. We’ve got your back.