Content is the heart and soul of of marketing. Always has been. Always will be. With brands sharing content on a daily basis, having a content marketing strategy is no longer optional if you want to stand out in the beverage business.

The majority of B2Cs are committed to content marketing on some level. In fact, 57% of B2C marketers plan to increase their content marketing budget in 2019 according to the Content Marketing Institute. 

Do you plan to increase yours? We think you should. And here’s why.


Content marketing is more relevant than ever before. Because it works. And that’s not just our opinion. Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote a business according to the CMI, with 86% of B2C companies using content marketing as of 2018.

The majority of marketers find content content marketing successful. The right content marketing strategy can raise brand awareness, build consumer loyalty, and connect you with your target audience. 

Source: Content Marketing Institute

Source: Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs


Is my investment paying off? That’s a question business owners need to ask themselves again and again. You can determine your content marketing ROI by planning ahead, setting specific goals, and choosing a few meaningful metrics to track.

Key metrics include lead quality, sales, web traffic, onsite engagement, social media engagement, SEO success, and exposure and authority. And every one of these can be measured. And remember, immediate revenue isn’t everything. The impact of a successful content marketing strategy can extend far beyond initial sales. As content marketing efforts compound over time, you begin building customer loyalty. And remember, return customers are the most valuable customers aka retention is the real end goal.


Ads are everywhere. Consumers are over ads. In fact, people are turning off ads and opting out. Instead, consumers are looking for content that will inform and entertain them. That’s where content marketing comes in. Content marketing is designed to engage your audience instead of always advertising to them.

As soon as your brand becomes source of useful information, you won’t have to chase customers because they’ll start coming to you. We have the #drinkcraft culture to thank for this. People prefer stories over traditional advertisements. So tell them about the story behind your brewery and the beer you brew instead.


Sure, anyone can publish an ad or boost a post on social in minutes. But then what? A strong content marketing strategy generates more leads for fewer marketing dollars. And that’s because great content creates connections and builds lasting relationships. And more importantly, once you build an audience, it continues to generate marketing results. Word of mouth is only amplified by social media. The next time you’re hosting a cocktail class, make sure content creation is a part of your promotional plan.

The bottom line? The upfront costs are moderate and the long-term value is major. Plus, you can choose how much you’re ready to invest and you can always adjust your budget as you start seeing success.


Consumers expect it. Chances are your competitors are already investing in content marketing, so not investing puts you a step behind them.

Think about those brands you love to follow. The ones with picture perfect Instagram feeds and Facebook posts with shares reaching double and triple digits. Trust us when we say, they have a content marketing strategy. And clearly it’s working for them.


You can have the best content in the world but without a content marketing strategy, you’re SOL. Think about it. You wouldn’t start a business without a business plan. So don’t create content without a strategy.

Even if you don’t have a large budget, you can still benefit from a customized content marketing plan. Send us a message, and we’ll talk about how to get started.