Staying up to date on the latest and greatest trends on social media is important. But if you want to set your brewery for sustainable success, you need systems that will grow as your brewery grows. 

It’s not just about converting your social media followers into customers right now. You want to make sure that you’ll keep converting for years to come. So if sustainability is your goal, here are three systems we recommend implementing ASAP.


Creative block is real, especially when you are creating content for multiple platforms on a daily basis. If you find yourself struggling to come up content, this is the system you need in your life. 

Picture never starting from scratch again. Seriously, we never start from scratch when we create posts for Facebook and Instagram.

Our recyclable content calendar is the first place we look to for inspiration. Yes, creating your recyclable content calendar content takes time initially, but it’s a resource you can use again and again. Once yours is set up and optimized, you’ll consistently save time every single week. 


Unless your post is breaking news, posting at the last minute isn’t strategic. We recommend scheduling your posts at least a week ahead of time because this gives you plenty of time to create engaging captions, edit your photos, choose hashtags, and post at optimal times. Plus, creating content in batches is a major time saver. 

If you like to brainstorm ideas or you have multiple people working together to create posts, we recommend using a project management tool like Trello, Asana, or Monday. This way you and your team can easily collaborate and everyone stays on the same page. 

We also highly recommend investing in a scheduling software like Later, Buffer, or Planoly so you can schedule your posts ahead of time and see the insights after you post. 


If you look at your social media insights and you’re instantly overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Many breweries feel this way. And that’s why some really underestimate the value of data. But when you have an easy-to-use, effective system for recording, tracking, and testing your data, it’s much more manageable. 

Our system for tracking data helps us clearly identify what’s working and what’s not, so we can adjust our strategy as needed. This is essential if you want to continue to convert your followers into customers. 


These systems are must-haves if you want to convert your brewery’s social media followers into taproom customers. You can do the research and create your own systems, or you can skip that step and we can teach you ours.