We ask ourselves this every.single.day. Well, at least when posting to Instagram. 

To post or not to post is always the first question. Followed by, is this a feed-worthy post, a story-worthy post, or neither? 

Creating content is always on our minds. Because well, that’s what we do. When we travel to new places, exploring the local craft beverage scene is most definitely on our to-do list. 

Take Morgan’s trip to Alaska, for example. 

Naturally, her family went to a saloon on their first night. Because beverages. They ordered a flight. Because beer. But before taking the first sip, they paused for photos.

This mini photoshoot in Alaska sparked a conversation. A conversation about forever posts.  

Wait.. what is a forever post? Her family asked.

For us, the answer is simple. A post that lives on your Instagram feed forever, of course. 

If you work in social media marketing, this is a completely normal thought process. If you don’t, you’re likely wondering what makes a post a forever post. 

This got us thinking. Let’s blog about it. 

Today, forever, or never: here’s how we decide when posting to Instagram.  


If you’re familiar with Instagram Stories, you know they disappear after 24 hours. Since Stories have a shorter lifetime, they can be imperfect. 

Here’s why. Followers appreciate real, in-the-moment content when watching Instagram Stories. Instead of trying to make every slide picture-perfect, focus on telling a story. Pun 100% intended. Keep it simple. But remember, stories have a beginning, middle, and end. 

Take our story about Fanny Q’s Saloon for example. We start by introducing where we are and then we zero in on the main attraction: our flight of beer. Adding details about the specific beers makes the story more interesting. Finally, we ended with a people pic. This personal element puts a face to the story, which helps followers really connect. 

The story ends here, well the Insta Story at least.


In this instance, we chose to recap our experience with a feed post aka a forever post.

When choosing photos for our feed, we focus on sharing photos to represent our brand. And yes, this is where we get a little nit picky. Our feed is carefully curated with our own original content. 

How so? When sharing posts to our feed, we think about themes. We actually have our own list of photo themes and a caption writing formula that we follow. This gives our profile a cohesive, well-branded look. 

The more defined your brand identity, the easier it is for people to recognize and connect with your brand. So when it comes to posting to your feed, we recommend upping your photo standards. Because nowadays, people do judge a business by its social media presence. 


You may take 100 photos and hate them all. It happens. Trust us, we have been there. If you don’t love it, don’t post it. Posting for the sake of posting is not the move. 

Luckily, there’s a silver lining. When you’re more selective about the posts you share on your feed, you generate better content… and more content. 

For example, the first flight photo seemed like a good feed post. But later on, as the sunlight was streaming through the windows, inspiration hit for an even better feed post. Ultimately, before posting we think about which photos deserve prime real estate on our feed. 

And now, we have a story and a feed post to share. Aka more content. That’s a win-win.


Taking these tips and applying them is easier said than done. This is where a style guide comes in handy. Once you have set dos and don’ts established, it becomes easier to decide when to post to your story, feed, or not at all. 

Send us a message and we will fill you in on the specifics. We can even create a customized style guide for you.